We have a multi-faceted inclusive approach, our women and men fish:

  • Fresh & salt water
  • Ocean, beach, estuaries, streams, and lakes
  • Bait, lure, and fly fishing styles
  • Yep, we also love crabs, prawns, clams, and oysters

Club Events

We have six main Event types which are explained in our Events page. Our schedule of Events and their specific details are in our Calendar . . .

  1. Weekly Meetings (Member’s meeting Fishing Reports are posted in our News)
  2. Weekly Presentations
  3. Fishing Outings
  4. Socials (which can be combined with FishOuts)
  5. Conservation
  6. Fly Tying


Our Annual Membership dues are:

  • Full: $60
  • Family: $90
  • Associate (Part Time): $20
  • Honorary: Free
  • Name Tags (optional): $10

New Members pay and are enrolled at a Weekly Meeting.

Membership provides a myriad of opportunities, whether one comes to learn fishing techniques, to find a fishing partner, to enjoy the camping trips, to participate in the conservation activities, to listen to inspirational speakers; one is sure to find friendship, companionship and an enriched lifestyle.

Guests are invited to show up to a Weekly Meeting & Presentation, first coffee is on us!