REVIEW: 40th Club Anniversary Seafood Celebration

Happy 40th Anniverary GRR!

A fantastically organized event happened yesterday July 8, 2017, our 40th Anniverary celebration. Wendy & Dennis Gedney were wonderful hosts for the afternoon-evening.

A great shout-out to organizers Solange Valiquette, Sandy Raven, and Dennis Gedney and a whole slough of volunteers, for which we are all thankful for great decoration, tents (weather was great, no rain) and tables, and cooking facilities. Also a great thank-you to cooks especially our President and Secretary. Lastly also many thanks to all those that brought starters, side dishes and deserts.

Main cooked dinner courses for our Seafood Celebration were: Crab > Prawns > Clams > Mussels > Salmon followed by donated deserts and Anniversary Tres Leches cake!

Lastly a big thank you to our SponsorsAgain a huge thank you to Wendy & Dennis Gedney for hosting the event and to Ryan Arsenych and Clive Lane for obtaining donated food and raffle gifts from our the following businesses:

  • B&C Foods
  • Island Outfitters
  • Trotac Marine
  • Robinson’s Outdoor Store
Our President's Speech
It was 40 years ago today (give or take a week or two) when a bunch of old farts got together to compare notes. They found out that they were interested in fishing (and parties), and camping (with fishing and parties), and conservation, and fishing. So they decided to create an institute – the Victoria Golden Rods & Reels Fishing and Social Club.

We’ve done a lot over the last four decades. One of the original members is still alive (and still kicking), but the others have been replaced again and again. We do a lot of fishing, do a lot of camping, and spend a fortune on gear and supplies and boats and repairs. We also put a lot of time and money and sweat labour into environmental protection and repair, with particular emphasis on the Goldstream River and the Elk and Colquitz system (we’re the ones who got the CRD to man up to the water quality issues in Elk and Beaver Lakes, (and we’re on their case until the job is done). And in our spare time we help teach kids and immigrant refugees to fish.

This club is once a testament to the dedication of a group of ardent fishers who are passionate about fishing and conservation.

There is a culture of sharing in this club of which I am very proud. We share our fishing skills and some secrets to help other members.

Our membership is growing and new members are bringing special energy and expertise to improve the experience for all of us.

You folks make me want to get up on Tuesday mornings and many other morning to go fishing with you.

My wish is for us to be here 40 years from now. Well at least in 10 years

Congratulations to the organizing committee of Dennis, Solange, and Sandy.

Thank you for your leadership Dennis and to you and Wendy for hosting us and providing the perfect setting for a wonderful celebration.

Thank you all for joining us in this special occasion in the life of our club.

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