ANNOUNCEMENT: Soup Competition & Hot Dogs

October is already longing to leave space for November and for our annual Soup and Wieners gathering at Goldstream Provincial Park.  As many of you may remember, the tradition is that we get to taste four different soups provided by members of the Club.

The GRR Social Event team will supply and serve hotdogs with all the condiments – with the gracious help of many of you.  (Don’t be shy!).    An individual contribution of $2 will help defray these costs.

FOR THE SOUP:   So far we have two members who volunteered to contribute their soup, including a Clam Chowder (thanks Pat).  Which means that we need 2 more volunteers to bring a pot of soup to share with the group, keeping in mind that there are usually about 30 people attending.

For all of us who have a sweet tooth: We always WELCOME DESSERTS to complement this gourmet picnic! Please bring your favorite sweets OR appetizer.  So, in essence:

Date: Thursday, November 9

Time: 11:00

Location: Goldstream Provincial Park

Bring: Your own plates, silverware, chairs (optional), warm waterproof clothes and footwear, a little firewood (optional)

Contribution: $2- and a dessert or an appetizer

If you wish to participate and bring soup, please make yourself known to either Sandy Raven ( or Solange Valiquette ( as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!

We have members who usually need rides to the events.  We would be grateful if you can provide a ride.

We look forward to celebrating with you the return of the salmon in their home waters in the beautiful Goldstream River environment.  See you on November 9!

Your cheerful GGR Social Event team,

Email: Sandy Raven & Solange Valiquette