2018-04-24 Fishing Reports

Fresh Water:

  • Barry on Durrance Lake, last Tuesday, 2 Trout.
  • Jim on Durrance yesterday, lots of fish on dry flies.
  • John P. reported first time in belly boat on Durrance, 2 fish, a trout and bass.
  • ]Ron gave advice on keeping hat on head and reel in line before you put motor in reverse.
  • Langford was slow yesterday.
  • Dennis on Elk Lake, last Thursday, 22 feet, 2 fish.
  • Bill, Thetis 15 strikes, 1 in boat, 4 to boat. 1000 8-10- inch rainbow trout put in Thetis on Monday. Calabaetis hatch this week.
  • With warm weather expected a black hatch is a possibility – a small hook dressed with black is the answer.
  • Sandy and Ron planning a trip to Peter Hope Lake, 22 May-1 Jun. Anybody interested can join in.

Salt Water:

  • John P. caught 16 small herring for breakfast off the Craigflower bridge.
  • Ron was prawning in Brentwood Bay, over 200 plus many potentially squat lobster.