2018-05-01 Fishing Reports

Fresh Water:

  • Barry, Prospect Lake, got a few. Durrance Lake, a few.
  • Dale, Prospect Lake, lots of cutthroat trout on yellow booby.
  • John and Dennis fished Elk Lake, got three, John mightily impressed with Dennis’ boat.
  • Ron on Durrance took Lev fishing, enjoyed it immensely.
  • Bill caught rainbow trout in Thetis Lake.
  • Jim advised using a size 10 hook and slow retrieve with boobie.
  • Matheson Lake good for dry fly fishing at this time of year.
  • WFFA fish-out tonight at Sooke Basin for sea-run cutthroat. Meet at A&W at 6:15 PM.

Salt Water:

  • No report.