2018-06-12 Fishing Reports

Fresh Water:

  • Winston – Fishing not catching story –  5 days at Tunkwa Lake, spotty fishing but enlivened by the suicidal trout that managed to hang itself from a handle at the stern of the boat.
  • Ron – Peter Hope – Windy, but fished 7 out of 9 days –  6-7 fish a day, 19-21” rainbows. Wonderful trip, checked out a few other locations. A highlight was the Kain Valley – amazing brook trout and rainbow lakes.
  • Brian – one fish from Fairy Lake is in freezer, on a little green fly.
  • Ryan and Rob on Langford Lake – Lots of trout on gang troll. Landed 7 trout, lost at least 7. Big fish, 1.5 – 2.5 lbs.

Salt Water:

  • Dennis, Bill, Peter, Dave at Tahsis – 3 bedroom, Kitch Rough road in, good accommodation, good food. Lousy weather – constant wind and rain.  Caught lots of Rockfish, only four salmon. Safety – waves were big and heavy, and there were some worrying mements. Art recommends fishing late July/Aug.
  • Ryan – Constance Banks, fishing good.
  • John F. – has booked Good Time Dave for Sat 4 Aug, a few are available for $200 each for the day.