2018-06-26 Fishing Reports

Fresh Water:

  • Tanquah Lake, not great fishing.
  • Winston: Langford Lake 4lb Trout, Prospect no fish. Durrance with Pumpkin Head, a number of trout.
  • Bill: Thetis Lake, 6 bass and 2 trout.
  • Mick Pender Lake, 2 trout, 2 salamanders.
  • Mike: Shanigan Lake, middle of night, Jittery Bug for bass, hit by Barn Owl.
  • Fishing Buddy website: Humpty Dumpty website: Humpty Bass Extravaganza.
  • Ron confirmed fishing at night for bass with Hula Popper.
  • Rob on flies, no fish and Ryan: gang troll, 8 fish.
  • Rob, Maltie Lake: spin fishing Cut Throat, one jumped 8 times.
  • Mike: Fresh Water Jelly Fish in Durance and Maltie Lake (above Prospect Lake, smaller than Durrance, very deep, spring fed, clear).

Salt Water:

  • Ryan: 2 Salmon, Otters Point.
  • Ken: Port Renfrew ? Bank Salmon, Halibut and lots of Black Cod.
  • Ron: Halibut Fishing, Beecher Bay. Good fishing. Boats for Rent, $65 and $45/ hour.