2019-04-30 Fishing Reports

Fresh Water:

  1. Rob – Fishout on Langford cancelled, decide next week which day.
  2. Jim – Prospect – 18” RB, Nymphs, March Brown, Hares Ears, Bob – Pumpkinseed, 3 RB, Barry –  some nice RB, Pumpkinseed, Gray Woolly Worm and new fly with Rabbit Hair, Bill and son 6 RB, sinking line with Boobies and Beaded Leech Dave – 3 RB, “I have to learn how to fish from Pontoon Boat” as there is no  Keel and is very much effected by wind. A dagger board or bucket were suggested.
  3. Ron –  Cowachin – 40 hits, 11 fish to hand, RB, Prince Nymphs and Hares Ear
  4. Sandy – Would like to rent small car topper, middle May to middle of June.

Salt Water: 

No reports.