2019-05-28 Fishing Reports

Fresh Water:

  • Buttle Lake (Peter):  Not as good as last year.  Lake level very low—800 steps to carry boat and gear from ramp to lake, with multiple trips.  Fishing so-so.  Red and Yellow fly doing well, Dale had luck using Cowichan Spoon and worm.  Dennis limiting on small spoons.
  • Diversion Reservoir (near Jordan River):  Jochen notified the club that we were welcome to join a WFA group meeting in Sooke on Sunday 2 (A&W at 8 am) June to go inland on ATVs and fish the reservoir.  Fishing can be great.  Please see appendix if you want more details.  Jochen would welcome someone who wants to go and who has a boat with a spare seat in it.  Call Jochen if you wish to go– 250 478 9572.
  • Spectacle Lake—Ron E.: Ron fished this lake for the first time last week, and caught 5 trout up to 2lbs on a pumpkin head.  Says the Lake would be great for a belly boat (he used a kayak).  Ron also tried to fish Beaver Lake but algae bloom was too fierce.
  • Prospect Lake—Dave C.  Trying out his new inflatable, Dave caught a bass about 5lb.
  • For the record, Underwater Videos: The website where these are available is Humpty’s Basstravaganza on Youtube.  I found lots of stuff when I (John) tried but couldn’t locate it in the short time I had.  Looks like a great site.  In any case, I have a copy of the videos.

Salt Water:
Ryan stated that very little was going on in the saltchuck, possibly partly due to the mandatory catch and release regulations for Chinook.