2019-09-17 Fishing Reports

Fresh Water:

  1. Barry – No fishing

Salt Water:

  1. Ryan – Good Coho offshore Possession no springs then went for Coho, green flasher, with long leader.
  2. Bob – Ron Duncan one 17.57# White Chinook took off landed, second lost as 40# leader failed, need to check each time fish on as biting down, used bait via fast drill-bit roll.
  3. Dennis – Son beachy Head hooked 6 Coho on small hoochy, all off one side of boat.
  4. Barry – Off Sooke 2 miles, 16” Coho & 12: tommy cod, buddy got 7# Coho and got big fish that at surface was sadly a small seal, got flasher but cut off leaving hook vs losing fingers.
  5. John P – Sooke Estuary with Dave McLean and Jack Mayer fly fished on rising tide flats with WFA (using spey rods and large colourful Prom Dress flies), salmon jumping, no strikes. Tried Billings Spit, few salmon jumping, ~8 fly and gear fishers, no strikes.