2020-04-21 Fishing Reports

Freshwater (RonD):
1. Lev fished Durrance and fed the eagle. It was very busy on the lake with lots of boaters  paddle boarders etc, He did catch fish and the stomach was full of snails.
2. BrianP on Durrance Lake and Prospect with few fish caught.
3. Many club members fished Prospect on Thursday with some success, see RonD report on Chat.
4. Langford Lake extremely busy and noisy, with many fishing chironomids.
5. DennisG fished Elk Lake with Wee Tad on downrigger at 18 ft. Water was murky and full of algae. He caught a few good fish.
6. SandyM caught 4 nice fish on Prospect using AP emerger and Hares Ear nymph on a camo line. Marked many fish deep off the island
7. BillT informed us about a fisher who was fined $175 because the two people in the boat were not living at the same address, therefore were not considered to be socially isolating.

Salt Water (RyanA absent):
2020-04-18 John P soaked crab trap overnight in Portage Inlet one male dungeness but undersize, then soaked 1 hr in Oak Bay from shore, for 1 hr, nothing.
2020-04-16 JohnP soaked crab trap at Ship Point Wharf in DT Victoria, 1 large legal Red Rock.