Funds & Benefactors


Our club cheerfully receives financial and/or equipment/material donations. Some equipment is kept for Community Projects and Activities, excess is generally sold off at our Weekly Meetings and proceeds along with financial donations are placed into our Legacy or Elk Lake Funds.

Legacy Fund

Supports Community Activities and Environmental Projects and helps ensure that the club will continue to prosper and grow. Two examples:

  1. On March 20, 2018 $1000 was donated towards the Peninsula Streams Society led Millstream Fishway Project to adopt 100 metres of habitat in memory of the environmental conservation work of deceased Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club members with special recognition of the recent contributions of the late Bill Carnes and the late Clive Lane.
  2. The restoration of Elk Lake as a key urban fishing lake is one of the main focuses of the Conservation aspect funded by the Legacy Fund.

Elk Lake Fund

Supports Activities and Environmental Projects associated with Elk-Beaver Lake.


Frank Szarkowicz

August 2018: Lovely letter and significant financial donation from 20 year now departed Member Frank Szarkowicz (member on right at 2017-08 Corn Roast & 85+ Celebration).

Ryan Arsenych

October 24 2017: Saltwater fishing flashers by GRR Member Ryan Arsenych.

Peter Dawson

September 2017: Fishing equipment was generously donated in memory of Peter Dawson.

Gord Riddell

September 2017: Fishing equipment was generously donated by long time GRR Member Gord Riddell.

Bill Carnes

January 2017: A significant financial contribution was made by the Carnes brothers in honour of their father, Bill Carnes who was a long term GRR Member until passing in 2016.

Bill Truax

2015: The Legacy Fund was started with a bequest of flies and fly tying materials from Bill Truax’s widow. Bill was a long term member in 1990's. Over 4000 flies were donated. This material has been steadily sold off raising money for the fund.