2018-01-09 Fishing Reports

Fresh Water:

  • Durrance Lake, Barry in snuggies, didn’t catch but lots of trout rising.
  • Fly Tying at Haig Brown, CPO Mess tomorrow, 17 Jan at 7:00 pm

Salt Water:

  • Ryan, 2 Springs (about 3 lbs/20 inches) on skinny spoons in and around mouth of harbour.

2017-12-05 Fishing Reports

Fresh Water Fishing:

  • Barry was put off by the cold weather. Brian and Bill weren’t, but still had no luck at Langford Lake.

Salt Water Fishing:

  • Ryan had a good day at Constance Bank on Monday, hooking 16 winter springs on a variety of spoons.
  • Clive got three on a windy Sunday. He recommends keeping some Gravol on board, particularly when taking out guests.
  • Dave Robinson gave a fascinating description of the technique used by northern aboriginals to string long gillnets under the ice.