User Guide: Gmail Account

The following are Best Practices for users of our GRR’s club Gmail Account:

Sending Email

  1. Logging In
    1. Go to Gmail website using your internet browser.
    2. Login with club Email and Password.
    3. You should now be at Gmail homepage, with table showing Inbox emails.
  2. Create New Email
    1. Click on large top left red button Compose, a new window labelled New Message will appear.
  3. Entering Email Addresses
    1. In To line put your email address.
    2. To right of To line click on BCC.
    3. In BCC line type Members and choose email Group to send to ie “Members-All”, (or type Executive if just to GRR Exec). NOTE: By using BCC, lower risk of email addresses being harvested by spammers.
  4. Entering Text
    1. In Subject line, to get reader’s attention, recommend start Subject with GRR, ie “GRR – Durance Lake Fishout, March 20”
    2. In text area, optionally delete the two dashes and two blank lines above it (bug in Gmail software).
    3. Replace default “Enter your text here . . .” with your text. Recommend include “Please send replies to your email address”.
    4. Use menu at bottom of New Message window to format your text (ie bold, underline) and to add attachment files, or to insert photos.
  5. Sending
    1. When ready to ship, click botttom left blue button Send.
    2. New Message window will disappear and at top of Gmail Homepage you will see a yellow box “Your message has been successfully sent”.
    3. Close internet browser window to exit.


  • You can access Member’s Contact details by clicking on top left red word Gmail and choosing Contacts. In there you will also find Safety Contact details when available.
  • Please do not edit Contact details, instead contact Membership Lead John Pierce via email to request changes.

Email Groups

  • Please do not edit Email Groups (called Labels in Gmail speak), instead contact Membership Lead John Pierce via email to request changes.