Why not join our weekly Meeting & Presentation or our weekly Fly Tying, all are welcome! Just check our Calendar for event time/location and if joining via Zoom Videoconference just Click This Link to join.

Since 1977 we have been welcoming new members to our volunteer based 60 Member fishing and social club and to the great fishing spots on and around Victoria and Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

For more info please contact us via Gerry Walsh at mobile 250-812-1979 or emailing Membership@GoldenRodsandReels.com.


We have a multi-faceted inclusive approach, our women and men fish:

  • Salt & fresh water
  • Ocean, beach, estuaries, streams, and lakes
  • Bait, lure, and fly fishing styles
  • Yep, we also love crabs, prawns, clams, mussels and oysters

Club Events

We have seven main Event types which are explained in our Events page. Our schedule of Events and their specific details are in our Calendar . . .

  1. Weekly Meetings (Minutes including Fishing Reports are posted Website’s Forum).
  2. Weekly Presentations (some presentations recorded and posted on our YouTube Channel).
  3. Monthly Executive Meetings (Minutes posted are posted in Website’s Forum here).
  4. Fishing Outings (Info and pictures are posted in Website’s Forum here).
  5. Socials (which can be combined with FishOuts, (Info and pictures are posted in Website’s Forum here)
  6. Conservation Volunteer
  7. Fly Tying Meetup/Lessons/Swap, past Videoconference events on YouTube