2020-06-23 Fishing Reports

Freshwater Fishing Report:
1.       Winston was at Prospect Lake-Windy but fishing OK.  Had two rods out, different depths, quite a few pulls.  Black leech fly much more productive than Pumpkin Head. One trout quite large.
2.       Colin had luck at Prospect—a 3 and a 2 lb. bass and a 2 and a 1 ½ lb. rainbow.  Fishing with a dry fly and also a wet fly.
3.       Bob C skunked at Elk Lake.
4.       Bill T had hits on Prospect but didn’t land anything
5.       Ron D reported on Peter Hope Lake trip and other Okanagan spots.  Had a good time but very poor weather.  Caught quite a few rainbows 15-18 inches.  Then fished Community Lake, clear water-could see big fish near bottom.  Had luck on Boobie near the bottom.  4 i.p.s. sinking line, down to 25 feet or so.
Saltwater Fishing Report:
1.       Tony O. went out of Esquimalt Harbour.  Caught 1 halibut which was 1 cm short of legality.  Lots of baitfish around.  Got some crabs.
2.       Ken going to Nootka Sound shortly.
3.       Considerable discussion of Port Renfrew Offshore Swiftsure Bank trip, with 10 people interested. 1 spot still open.  15, 16 July.  $230 per person.

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