Beginner Fishing Holes

The following are suggestions for lake shore places around Victoria for beginners/children/grandchildren to learn to fish from. All are stocked with Rainbow Trout by BC Freshwater Fisheries. Tip: Click on image to view full size.

Ida Anne Lake

Tiny lake in Langford residential area N of Costco. Lots of weeds but stocked thus easy catch (BC Freshwater Fisheries holds annual kids class here). Park at east side of lake, fishing between bushes into non-weed open areas. Has campsite style table/bench chairs.

Elk Lake

Fishing dock at NW corner of large Elk Lake in Saanich. Park at Elk/Beaver Lake parking lot at N end of lake on Brookleigh Road, walk 8 min/650 min SW down trail to dock. Built-in seating.

Langford Lake

Fishing dock near the boat launch on the north-west corner of the lake in Langford. Park at boat launch, walk  along road or wooden trail 4 min/300 meters to the fishing dock. No built-in seating, camp chair if you have one. Electric motor only.