Event Types

We have a variety of Events, frequent types are:

  1. Weekly Meetings
  2. Weekly Presentations
  3. Monthly Executive Meetings
  4. FishOuts
  5. Socials
  6. Conservation
  7. Fly Tying

All planned Events are in our Calendar with dates/times/locations/details.

1. Weekly Meetings (Held via Zoom during Covid)

  • WHEN: Held Tuesday mornings ~9AM-10:30AM (none in summer).
  • WHERE: Esquimalt Anglers Clubhouse, 1101 Munro Street, Victoria.
  • WHAT: Over coffee, share fishing stories, tips, and perhaps a tall tale or two, the latest information on both freshwater and saltwater outings. Plan future Fishouts & Social Events. Minutes are posted in our Forum.
  • WHO: Average 28 Members plus Guests who are welcome to stop by for a free coffee!
  • MORE INFO: Details of Weekly Meetings are in our Calendar.

2. Weekly Presentations (Held via Zoom during Covid)

  • WHEN: Held after most Weekly Meetings from 10:30AM-11:30AM max (shut down for summer).
  • WHERE: Same Silver Threads Centre as Meetings. 
  • WHAT: Presentations vary from fishing, to nature, conservation, history, travel . . . speakers range from guest fishing experts to University Professors.
  • MORE INFO: Details of Presentations are in our Calendar.

3. Monthly Executive Meetings (Held via Zoom during Covid)

  • WHEN: Held after first Weekly Meeting of month in place of a Presentation (none in summer).
  • WHERE: Same Silver Threads Centre as Meetings. 
  • WHAT: Exec meets to review club plans.
  • MORE INFO: Meetings details are in our Calendar.


  • Fishing outings/trips can be short 1/2 day to local fishing spots or multi-day up Van Island or BC interior.
  • Unscheduled/adhoc fishing trips are frequently planned between Members.
  • Details of our scheduled FishOuts are in our Calendar.

4. Socials (On hold during Covid)

  • We average one Social Event per month, sometimes just a Social, sometimes combined with a FishOut.
  • Typically potluck meal at a park location.
  • Details of Social Events are in our Calendar.

5. Conservation

Frequent examples are:

  • Providing people-power to Goldstream Fish Hatchery, Colquitz Creek Fish Counting Fence, etc.
  • Representative attendance at local volunteer and non-volunteer meetings.
  • Donated gear sales for fundraising.
  • Teaching fishing.
  • Details of these Events are in our Calendar.

6. Fly Tying (Held via Zoom during Covid)

  • A group of GRR’s fly fishers meetup at Member’s homes to tie flies for fresh and saltwater fishing, and to be taught by our guru’s.
  • Fly tying meetups typically happen in late summer (for salmon flies) and fall-winter (for trout flies).
  • Equipment and materials available for newbies!
  • Details of Fly Tying Events are in our Calendar.