GRR Benefactors

Mr. Gray

2019-09: Two tables of fishing equipment/material donated to GRR and sold off to members, proceeds contributed to Legacy Fund.

Mr. Gray owned Island Marine Supplies for a period and was an avid fisherman. Donation by Mr. Gray’s daughter Julie and husband Robert Michaux.

Bill Gibson

2019-04: Donation of fly tying equipment and materials.

Frank Szarkowicz

2018-10: Second financial contribution by members of Frank’s family (Frank holding cake knife).

Ryan Arsenych

2017-10-24: Saltwater fishing flashers by GRR Member Ryan Arsenych.

Peter Dawson

2017-09: Fishing equipment was generously donated in memory of Peter Dawson.

Gord Riddell

2017-09: Fishing equipment was generously donated by long time GRR Member Gord Riddell.

Bill Carnes

2017-01: A significant financial contribution was made by the Carnes brothers in honour of their father, Bill Carnes who was a long term GRR Member until passing in 2016.

Bill Truax

2014-10: The Legacy Fund was started with a bequest of flies and fly tying materials from Bill Truax’s widow. Bill was a long term member in 1990’s. Over 4000 flies were donated. This material has been steadily sold off raising money for the fund.