Funds – Disbursements


Funds received or raised are normally placed in one of our two Funds detailed below, additionally miscellaneous donations are listed at bottom:

Legacy Fund

Supports Community Activities and Environmental Projects and helps ensure that the club will continue to prosper and grow. Our Legacy Fund – Policy and Procedures For Managing Donated Funds document is here, our Request for Funding Application Form is here.

Recent examples of distributed Legacy Funds are:

  1. 2021-01: $1000 donated to Victoria’s World Fisheries Trust for watershed restoration.
  2. 2021-01: $1000 donated to Peninsula Streams for watershed restoration.
  3. 2020-09: $2000 donated to Raincoast Research Society, thank you email here.
  4. 2019-06: $100×3 donated to three Camosun College Environmental Technology students for their mapping of the riparian zone vegetation below the heavily contaminated pond work on the Reay Creek Project.
  5. 2019-05: $2000 donated to World Fisheries Trust for Pacific Herring study.
  6. 2019-04: $500 donated to BCWF Regional Kids Summer Fishing Camp on Comox Lake.
  7. 2018-03: $1000 donated towards the Peninsula Streams Society led Millstream Fishway Project to adopt 100 metres of habitat in memory of the environmental conservation work of deceased Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club members with special recognition of the recent contributions of the late Bill Carnes and the late Clive Lane.
  8. The restoration of Elk Lake as a key urban fishing lake is one of the main focuses of the Conservation aspect funded by the Legacy Fund.

Elk Lake Fund

Supports Activities and Environmental Projects associated with Elk-Beaver Lake.

  • 2020-12: $500 from Elk Lake Fund was donated to Dirk Mitchell as seed money to replace the old Elk Lake Fishing Dock.