GRR Bylaws





There shall be three classes of membership – Active members, Associate Members and Honorary Members

  • Active membership shall be open to any person approved for membership.
  • Associate membership shall be open to any person not wishing to be an active member.
  • Honorary membership may be granted at the discretion of the Executive to an individual who has rendered outstanding service to the club.

Membership shall be available to all eligible persons regardless of physical disabilities, race,  colour, creed or sexual orientation.

A member shall cease to a member of the Club:

  • By delivering a resignation in writing to the Secretary of the Club.
  • By being twelve months in arrears in payment of dues.
  • On being expelled.
  • On death.

A member may be expelled for unacceptable conduct by resolution of members passed at a General Meeting.  A brief statement of reasons for the proposed expulsion shall accompany the notice of the resolution.  The person subject to this resolution shall be given the opportunity to speak at the General Meeting prior to the vote.

All classes of membership are entitled to speak at any Club meeting.

All members shall comply with these bylaws.


Annual membership dues shall be established at an Annual General Meeting attended by at least 25 percent by a vote of at least 75 percent. They become payable on January 1.

The Treasurer shall contact members 30 days in arrears. Members 60 days in arrears shall not be included in the membership list.


The Executive shall consist of the following officers, President, Past President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairpersons of all committees.

The Executive shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting with separate elections for each position.

A nominating committee of three or more members selected at a Regular Meeting shall provide names of a full slate of officers. Nominations shall be also accepted from the floor during the Annual General Meeting.

The Executive shall hold office for one year and shall retire at each Annual Meeting.

An executive member can be reelected for one year, but cannot hold the position for more than two years unless a suitable replacement cannot be found.

The Executive shall be the governing body of the Club responsible for management and administration as described in the bylaws.

Vacancies in the Executive may be filled by the remaining officers or from the membership at large as chosen by the President for the balance of the unexpired term.

A quorum of the Executive shall consist of five officers.

Except during summer break, the Executive shall meet at least once a month on a date determined by the President.

No officer shall receive remuneration except for expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred on behalf of the Club with the permission of the President.



  • The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club.
  • The President shall supervise all other officers in the execution of their duties.
  • The President shall sign official documents of the Club.

Vice President:

  • The Vice President will carry out the duties of the President in the President’s absence.

The Treasurer:

  • The Treasurer shall handle the Club’s funds and:
    • Keep financial records required for administration and management of the Club and to consist of a Statement of Income and Expenditures and a Balance Sheet.
    • Make all expenditures by cheque with two signatures of the Treasurer, the President, or the Secretary.
    • Make advances of up to $100 to members for agreed expenses.
    • Funds shall be kept in an account at a registered bank or credit union.
  • Any disbursements in excess of $100 but less than $400 must have the approval of the President or in his or her absence the Vice President, while payments over $400 must be voted on at a regular monthly meeting.
  • The Fiscal year end of the Club will be October 31.


  • The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meeting of the Club, conduct correspondence of the Club and have custody of all records of the Club except for those required by the Treasurer and committee chairpersons.


Will be nominated by the nominating committee approved by the President and will serve at the pleasure of the President with the support of 75 percent of members voting in favour at any regular meeting. Whether they should attend Executive meetings will depend on the decision of the President.


Regular meetings shall be held weekly at a time, day and location determined by the President in consultation with the members. During the summer months the President may determine that meetings will not be held. Minutes of  meetings will be distributed to all members.  A quorum of both regular meetings and Annual General Meeting will be 15 members.

The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held in November of each year at a time, date and location as decided by the President. The new Executive elected at the meeting will assume office on January 1 of the following year.

A Special Meeting may be called by the President or at the written request of 20 percent of members in good standing.


All voting will be by a show of hands by active, associate and honorary members, Proxy voting is not allowed.


Such changes can only be introduced and confirmed at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special Meeting with the motion for change distributed to members one month in advance.

The motion must be voted on and approved by 75 percent of the members at the meeting.