2020-05-26 Fishing Reports

Langford Lake – Barry F. Mon. – slow – landed 6 fish on a bunny leech. Dale – Sat.- landed 22 – noted that fish were suspended in deep water around the aerator, used down rigger.
Thetis Lake – Bill T. had success with a beaded leech on a sinking line.
Elk Lake – Dennis G. – Sun. calm day on the water – lots of hits – surface active – wee tad plugs.
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Salt Water: No report

2020-05-19 Fishing Reports


Prospect Lake: Barry F. battled the winds Fri. but managed to land 5 on a bunny leech. Ron E. had an adventure involving mono leader and an electric trolling motor and had success with a double bunny leech. Colin took advantage of calm waters on Thurs to log 2.5 km. in a float tube. Lots of hits, and a few small released.
Langford Lake: Winston caught fish early (9:30) at the aerator end of the lake.
Elk Lake: Dennis G. caught 8 x 2 + pound trout between 11:00 – 1:00.

Salt Water:
John P. went crabbing in front the Songhees caught 3 red rock crab.
Sidney open dock now.

2020-05-12 Fishing Reports


Prospect Lake

  • Dale- good success with articulated bunny leech on intermediate sink and full sink lines. Speed sensitive 1.5 m/h uses gps on fish finder to maintain exact speed.
  • Ken, and Barry had success with a bunny leech despite windy conditions.
  • Ira had 13 to hand on Mon. on a pumpkin head and marabou leech.
  • Christopher finally caught a fish on a seal bugger donated by Sandy M.

Langford Lake

  • Bill T. and son each caught 4 x 12 inch fish on a beaded leech on full sink lines.

Elk Lake

  • Bob C. caught 4 fish on a wee tad and doc spratly very pleasant with out the traffic noise and rowers

Salt Water:

John P. went crabbing in front the Songhees caught 4 red rock crab.

2020-04-28 Fishing Reports


  • Ron D. Prospect Lake hares ear nymph on camo line – lots of 12 “fish recently stocked 
  • Sandy M. Prospect lake  – sinking line- larger fish 
  • Barry F. Langford Lake- bunny leech on a sinking line- slow action 
  • Colin Durance Lake – chironomid  setup 20’ leader- trolled a sinking line with a bunny leach caught 3
  • Ron E. Durnace Lake-noted a mayfly hatch –  fish were striking hard on fly- 6 fish

Salt Water:

  • John P. –crabbing @ Sooke River estuary –tennis racket net- no dungeness