User Guide: Chat Email Address

The following are Best Practices for users of our GRR club’s distribution email address:

What Is It

  • An email address that our Members can easily use for simple chat type communications, examples:
    • “Going fishing Durrance on Wednesday at 1PM on Wednesday May 26, see you there, or email me at to organize car pool”.
    • “Social Pot Luck on Apr 31!”

How Does it Work

  • When an email is sent to it, it automatically forwards that email to the email accounts on it’s distribution list, which is most people in GRR.
  • The software is dumb, so a sender will also receive the email as they are in the list. This is good as that way the sender will know that it worked!
  • As common with all bulk emailing software, receiving software can often classified it as junk/spam, so:
    1. Check your Junk/Spam Email folder for emails from Chat! If in junk mark as not junk, and your software will slowly smarten up.
    2. To reduce appearance as Spam, in your Contacts software add the Chat Email and give it a name, ie “GRR Chat”.

How Use It

  1. Create a new Email, in To or CC line (not BCC) put Note: email addresses are not case sensitive.
  2. In Title put short useful note, ie “GRR: Durrance Lake Fishing May 23!”, so that readers know it’s about GRR.
  3. In body of email, type your detailed info including “replies to me at”, add any useful attachments, then send.
  4. When replying, only reply to the chat email address if you want it to go to all ~ 50 people on list.
  5. To be added or removed from list contact John Pierce via