2019-01-08 Fishing Reports

Fresh Water:

  • Robert – No Fishing by Club members
  • Schedule of Fish Outs – Thetis and Langford Lakes suggested. A Regular time each month.
  • Jim – Bottom fishing (Chrionomid Fishing)
  • Colin – Roche Lake Has Resort, 2 lbs and up fishing. Last 2 weeks of May and 1st 2 weeks of June. Sandy have more choices of different Lakes in the area at the same time. More info and details will be forth coming.

Salt Water:

  • Dave – Blue Lights under Bridge are out in the evenings. Waiting for response from our letter.
  • Ryan – lots of little fish (4 lbs). 16” fish on Banana spoon. Some Double headers.
  • Dave – Fly Fishing for Bone Fish – 15-20 mins each fish
  • John – Was fishing with Good Time Dave in Dec, caught some
  • Bill – Good Time Dave late February, looking for 2 more to have 4 in boat.
  • Fly Tying at CPO Mess Haig Brown – 16 Jan 2019