GRR have the following non-financial physical assets, located at in Silver Threads Center Victoria:

Fishing Equipment

  • RODS & REELS: 2 fly rods & 1 fly reel
  • WADERS: One set rubber
  • FLY TYING MATERIALS: Various quantities

IT Equipment

  • PROJECTOR: Epson brand model EX5250 with HDMI and VGA inputs, HDMI and VGA cables. Backup older Optoma with DVI and VGA inputs.
  • PROJECTOR STAND: Project-O-Stand brand portable stand.
  • LAPTOP: Windows PC with Microsoft Office, HDMI and VGA outputs, external mouse. Backup older Laptop.
  • SPEAKERS: Powered small Koss brand dual speakers for laptop.
  • PA SYSTEM: Rechargeable battery powered wired Mic/Speaker.
  • DVD PLAYER: Toshiba brand model SD-3990.
  • WIFI: Main conference room at Victoria Silver Threads Centre has good Wifi located up on wall near door (unplug, wait 10 seconds, and replug if not working well).



  • FILE CABINET: For storing office type materials.